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About Grounded in Color

The name Grounded In Color is very personal to me, I remember the first time I saw colors on my healing journey during my first meditation and I also remember the several times I was the only brown skin in a healing space. It is not often I find a safe space that, "does not dilute traditions and capitalize on bountiful cultures through appropriation, while also seeing people for their lived experiences." -@embodiedtruthhealing

My intentions are to create a safe space for people by offering varying practices and tools that feel good for them at their own pace and own vibe. Meeting people where they are within their lived experiences without pushing anyone out of their comfort zone. 

As a survivor of sexual assault, I lean heavy on trauma informed. While many, "trauma survivors will benefit from yoga and breathwork, the intense focus on sensations can also be dysregulating to to the nervous system."-@transcending_trauma_with_yoga


 Access to safe spaces, where we can be seen and understood is important to me as these spaces are sometimes hard to find. You can cry, scream, laugh, yell and dance if you want to here.


I invite and encourage collaborations with mental health providers for children, teens and adults. If it feels good, I invite you to discover what this journey could look like for you.


Some quotes above are from two amazing people: 

Zabie Yamasaki, Transcending Sexual Trauma through Yoga @transcending_trauma_with_yoga 

​Dr. Shena Young Trauma Informed Care Training for BIPOC Healers @embodiedtruthhealing




Alexandra Duran, Founder of Grounded in Color

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