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Alex wears many hats—she's a wellness advocate, breathwork facilitator, and trauma-focused space holder. The creation of Grounded in Color traces back to a profound moment during a 200-hour yoga training. It was here that she experienced a surge of vibrant colors during a breathwork class. This moment ignited her journey of self-discovery through Ashtanga yoga, meditation, breathwork, and sound baths, unearthing personal healing and the stories etched into her body.


During this transformative phase, Alex embraced the spectrum of emotions, learning to balance the Yin and Yang within herself. She honed her expertise under various mentors, enriching her yoga practice and self-knowledge.


For Alex, mindfulness isn't just a practice; it's a toolbox that helps people reconnect with their bodies, process stored experiences, and regulate their nervous systems through conscious breathing. Her mission is to invite individuals to engage, witness their experiences, and feel supported. 


She creates safe spaces, tailoring practices to each person's unique journey, meeting them where they are in their experiences. Her commitment to inclusivity and accessibility drives her to bridge the gap in wellness and create spaces to invite those in her community who are not represented in wellness spaces. To further her community impact, she is pursuing a master's program in social work. 

Trainings & Certifications:

200 HR YTT Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Cert | Jessica Mihm RYS High Vibe Living 2019

Breath Technique Training | Dance Mae Breath Guidance 2020

Breath Teacher Cert Breathwork & Pranayama | Dani Mae Breath Guidance 2020 & 2022

Mental Health First Aid Training Adult Cert | National Council Mental Well Being 2021

20 HR Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga | Rachael Getecha TCTSY Amani Yoga 2021

Mental Health First Aid Training Youth Cert | National Council Mental Well Being 2021

Trauma Informed Care Training for BIPOC Healers | Dr Shena Young Kindred Medicine 2022

Trauma and Yoga Series: Exploring Power, Privilege & Healing | Accessible Yoga School 2022

CULTIVATE trauma-informed Space Holding Training | Katie Kurtz  April 2023

Holding a Healing Space for Sexual Trauma Survivors | The Breathe Network Current

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