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Morning Matcha & Moringa Chia Pudding w/ a Kiwi Berry Tocos Paste

Time: 20 mins & 1-24 hrs | Serving: 2 humans


  • 1/4 cup of chia seeds

  • 1 1/2 cup of plant based milk ( I used oat.)

  • 2 tsp Moringa powder

  • 1tsp Matcha

  • 1 tbs Tocos

  • 2 tbsp of sweetener (I used maple syrup.)

  • 1/2 banana

  • 2 kiwis

  • 6-10 kiwi berries

  • 2 tbsp water

  • Garnishes: Kiwi


  • Combine your chia seeds and milk in a bowl. Stir for 10 minutes to avoid clumping.

  • You can leave the bowls overnight for at least an hour.

  • After the chia has thickened add your sweetener and stir.

  • Split the chia into two bowls, add moringa and matcha to one bowl. As a bonus I added a Milk thistle tincture, about 10 drops.

  • Now, for your kiwi paste. Slice up your fruit and to blender. Add tocos and water. Blend on medium until fruit turns into a paste. Fun fact kiwi berries are always the sweet version of a kiwi and they are stinkin cute!

  • I added the paste on the bottom, chia puddings on top of each other and then garnish with fruit!

This pudding is loaded with plant medicine and adaptogens. I use Moringa as a daily vitamin, it is 7 times higher in vitamin C than oranges and has 15 times more potassium in bananas. It is rich an iron, amino acids and protein to help the body heal. Tocos is rice based and incredible for hair, skin and nails, soothing the skin from the inside out. It is also a great fertility aid and dementia prevention supporter. I added Matcha for a balanced wake up in the morning to get my day started. Remember these recipes are only guidelines, feel free to experiment and make it your way! Happy healing!

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