Grounded in Healing

I offer three different types of sessions: Breathwork, Movement Guidance and Meditation. We can work with them separately or find a combination that fits your unique needs. Please read the individual and class descriptions below to see which feels like the right choice to you.

All sessions have in-person or online-virtual options. All can be applied to private or group settings.


A guided series of inhalations and exhalations to tap into the subconscious to improve stress, anxiety, sleep, energize yourself, release trauma, and more.

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A guided session to create a sense of calm and inner harmony to find a practice that meets your needs and compliments your personality. This program will cater to specific themes to work through while increasing self awareness.

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Using interdisciplinary movement such as yoga and somatic grounding to reduce toxic stress, cultivate inner support, develop body trust, return to wholeness, coming to what the body wants and overcome repetitive injury.

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This 3 day book guide is great for those curious about breath work and want to dip their toe into the power of breath. Sign up below with your email and receive a free PDF book guide.



I firmly believe in everyone having the opportunity to experience the power of breath and movement. We have scholarships for the Black, Indigenous and other communities of color and the LGBTQIA+ community. Please, apply through our application link below.