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Private, Group and In-Studio Sessions

To return to our bodies, Alex offers several techniques and tools of breathing to individualize services based on an individuals needs. All private sessions start with a 30 minute consultation.

First private session starts with a breath intake and assessment to maximize benefits.

Group sessions and celebrations / healing welcomed. 

All sessions have in-person or virtual options.

Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques to focus on a specific goal involving breath control such as oxygen efficiency, holds sports performance, mental and health support.


A facilitated series of inhalations and exhalations to tap into the subconscious to work with stress, anxiety, sleep, energize yourself, release trauma, and more.


Alex uses a blend of breathing techniques to move in and out of homeostasis safely.


Using a Breath Guidance "mountain climbing" approach, moving through various rounds of climbing, peaking, and recovering. This session is often paired with sound healing, music or drums, therapeutic touch, or energetic movement.


Traditional breathing techniques used to discover, regulate, and activate Prana. Often paired with Mudras and various hand gestures.


It is also commonly used during Asana also known as yoga movement or before meditation. It is used as a tool to regulate, heal, and center. 

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